NASA Tram Tour

Don’t miss Space Center Houston’s most popular attraction, the NASA Tram Tour. This is your chance to go on site at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and get a behind-the-scenes look at human space exploration. The NASA Tram Tour is included in your admission to Space Center Houston.

What happens at NASA Johnson Space Center?

Located on 1,600 acres, JSC is the training base and home to our nation’s astronauts and the site of the Apollo Mission Control Center, where a talented cadre of flight controllers support the work of our women and men in space.

JSC has served as a hub of human spaceflight activity for more than half a century. It is home to the nation’s astronaut corps, the International Space Station mission operations, the Orion program, and a host of future space developments. The center plays a pivotal role in enhancing scientific and technological knowledge to benefit all of humankind.

The experience

There are multiple experiences that you may enjoy based on which iconic locations you want to visit and the amount of time you have available.

George W.S. Abbey Rocket Park Tour

On the NASA Tram Tour, you will be guided through different historic JSC locations. One of them is to visit George W.S. Abbey Rocket Park, where one of only three of the remaining actual Saturn V rockets is displayed, along with other rockets that propelled space exploration. Don't miss our new Apollo 13 bronze statue now on display in Rocket Park

Astronaut Training Facility Tour

Walk an elevated path through the Astronaut Training Facility where NASA astronauts train for current missions and where scientists and engineers are developing the next generation of space exploration vehicles.

Apollo Mission Control Tour

Visit the iconic Christopher C. Kraft Mission Control and discover the Apollo Mission Control from which NASA led Gemini and Apollo missions, including the momentous first lunar landing mission as well as early space shuttle missions.

Frequently asked questions

There is very limited access to restrooms during the NASA Tram Tour. Please visit the restroom facilities at Space Center Houston before boarding your tram.
No, there is not a place to purchase food or beverages during the NASA Tram Tour. Please purchase and consume any snacks or beverages before the tour as food is not allowed on the NASA Tram Tour. Only beverages with closed lids (such as water bottles) are allowed on the tour.
No, strollers are not allowed on the NASA Tram Tour. Please leave your strollers in the stroller parking area adjacent to the tram tour queue.
Yes, the NASA Tram Tour is wheelchair accessible, but please be aware there is limited capacity on each tram.

Tour schedules and details

A NASA Tram Tour boarding pass is now required to take the NASA Tram Tour. There are two options to get your free boarding pass.

  1. Download our free Space Center Houston app. Once you’re at Space Center Houston, tap the "Join tram virtual line" button, select the tour you want to take, enter the number of people in your group and your name, and reserve your virtual boarding passes.
  2. Visit the Guest Services Desk at the entrance to Space Center Houston, and a crewmember will reserve your boarding pass.
Please note that during peak seasons the NASA Tram Tour experience may differ and departure times may vary seasonally.

The last tour departs two hours before closure.
Click here to view our seasonal hours.

This is an open-air tram tour which could be interrupted due to inclement weather. Please monitor weather conditions and plan accordingly. The tram tour visits working government facilities which are subject to availability and can temporarily close to visitors without notice.

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