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Space Center Houston’s education programs offer a variety of options to meet your students’ needs. All the programs meet TEKS guidelines and national science standards. Ignite a passion for STEM learning through a variety of programs and experiences.

Programs for your students

Ultimate education experience

Space Center University

Build and launch rockets. Design and test thermal systems. Program and operate robots. Work as a team to compete in challenges and more in this immersive multi-day program for ages 11-18.

Space Center U robotics design
Space Center University
Girls with dinosaur robot

Bringing space to our community


With support from generous donors and members, Space Center Houston is committed to its nonprofit mission of expanding access to and participation in authentic STEM learning experiences for learners of all ages. We offer a variety of outreach programs to educators, students and the home-schooling community that are designed to encourage critical thinking, problem solving and innovation. These unique initiatives are designed to fuel the STEM Pathway and ignite interest in future STEM careers. Programs like Girls STEM Pathway, Exploration Academy, and Title 1 School Visits are key components of our philanthropic mission that enable us to provide meaningful service to our community and beyond.

Empower. Encourage. Innovate.

Stars & STEM

Stars & STEM is designed for students in K-12 who want to learn outside the classroom while experiencing the wonders of space exploration. We provide engaging STEM activities developed to match each grade level’s standards so students are challenged, inspired and eager to explore STEM concepts when they return to school.

Space adventure. Minutes away.

Field trips

Inspire your students with an experience they will never forget. With more than 400 things to see and do, students can learn while exploring real science, math and technology through interactive exhibits, historic artifacts, live presentations and more! Enhance your field trip with a new special STEM experience.

The universe at your fingertips

Distance Learning

Searching for an alternative to a field trip or help with a science night? Experience our distance learning programs where students are inspired to explore STEM concepts both inside and outside the classroom. Our educators bring space to your students at your school or virtually.

Orbital Outreach
Orbital Outreach with Space Center Houston

Programs for educators


Perseverance through innovation

Space Exploration Educators Conference

SEEC is a three-day educator conference with sessions from rocket scientists, astronauts and classroom educators. Find out how to ignite the minds of your students with space-based units for all subjects!

Learn. Grow. Share.

Professional Development

Our goal is to empower teachers to build leadership competencies by providing innovative development opportunities. These experiences may be brought back to your students, schools and communities. Our programs accommodate both formal and informal educators grades K-12+.

Space Center Houston's

STEM Innovation in Schools Program

Presented by Chevron

Space exploration is a series of challenges. Solutions to these challenges emerge from the creativity of engineers, scientists, and numerous aerospace professionals. Space Center Houston presents exploration challenges to students to inspire and include future explorers in this mission.

Classroom Activities & Resources


Cleaning water

Learn how Space Station astronauts recycle their water. Explore water filtration, build your own filtration system and conduct experiments.


Build a sextant

Investigate celestial navigation, also known as astronavigation, and build a sextant to determine your latitude.


Grow space seeds

Explore plant-growing experiments on board the International Space Station and create your own space station “rooting pillow” containing a seed.


Build a Plant Habitat

Observe how a greenhouse functions as a plant support, and how the greenhouse affects the soil temperature and moisture levels.



presented by UTMB Health

Ignite your curiosity and grow your passion for space and science with our Thought Leader Series. The best and brightest minds examine the significance of historic missions, share the latest news in space exploration and look ahead to the future of space travel. This immersive series takes you beyond our walls to provide inspiring, engaging and educational learning experiences.

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