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The free Space Center Houston interactive mobile app features NASA Tram Tour Boarding Passes, audio tours, GPS maps, selfie filters, augmented reality experiences, virtual reality lite and more!

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Here's some of the amazing tools and features you get with the Space Center Houston interactive mobile tour:

  • New NASA Tram Tour boarding pass: Download our free Space Center Houston app. Once you’re at Space Center Houston, tap the "Join tram virtual line" button, select the tour you want to take, enter the number of people in your group, and reserve your virtual boarding passes.
  • Location-Aware Audio Tour: As you walk through the Space Center Houston, location-aware audio stops will tell you about our extraordinary journey into space and the people who got us there. did the American grandfather of rocket science, Robert Goddard, get kicked out of his hometown? Why did early astronauts bring water guns to space? And why is there so much Velcro on the International Space Station?
  • GPS-enabled maps: With wayfinding and GPS-enabled map technology, you’ll be able to find everything from moon rocks to spacecrafts to bathrooms!
  • Daily and special events calendar with built-in notifications
  • Space Center Houston selfie filters: Picture yourself as an astronaut with the help of Space Center Houston’s selfie filters.
  • Interactive augmented reality and Virtual Reality Lite experiences: Find Space Center Houston’s Interactive augmented reality experiences around the center. With the Space Center Houston audio tour, you’ll be able to explore the Moon, watch the Saturn V launch, and more, all with the power of augmented reality! You can even bring Space Center Houston home with you! Through Virtual Visits, you’ll be able to see every gallery in 360 degrees!
  • Space Center Houston Event Calendar: With up-to-date event notifications and calendars, you’ll know about every tour, demonstration, speaker, or special event at Space Center Houston.
  • Take It Home: Access every Space Center Houston audio stop, video, and more wherever you go! You will always have something new and exciting to learn about space exploration, whether you’re in Space Center Houston’s Starship Gallery or in your living room!

Get the VIP experience at Space Center Houston and download the mobile tour today!

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