Space Center Houston’s Summer Lineup Explores Astronaut Training

HOUSTON, May 17, 2021 –This summer Space Center Houston provides guests a rare look at how astronauts are training for human exploration of the Moon and Mars. Discover how astronauts train on land, underwater and beyond. Only Space Center Houston takes the general public behind the scenes to NASA Johnson Space Center, the home of astronaut... Read more

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Remembering John Hodge

Remembering John Hodge

Today we remember John Hodge, NASA’s second flight director, and his significant contributions to space exploration. Hodge died on May 19 at his home in Northern Virginia at the age ...
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Astronaut Michael Collins Memorial

Astronaut Michael Collins Memorial

Michael Collins was more alone than any human had ever been. As the command module pilot for Apollo 11, he was completely cut off from communication with Earth while crewmates ...
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