Outreach programs

Middle school girls participate in the Girls STEM Academy at the center.

Girls STEM Pathway, presented by Boeing

The Girls STEM Pathway initiative is dedicated to engaging girls with 21st century skills to fuel their imaginations and provide authentic learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. Presented by longtime supporter Boeing, Space Center Houston’s Girls STEM Pathway is a comprehensive six phase initiative that includes an introductory elementary school experience, a middle school project-based STEM experience, a summer bridge program with mentoring support and a program for high school girls to engage in authentic space challenges and scientific research.


Middle school girls participate in the Girls STEM Academy at the center.

Girls STEM Academy, presented by Phillips 66

Space Center Houston created Girls STEM Academy to increase middle school
girls’ interest in STEM fields and careers. Participants engage in innovative and creative applications of science content. They solve problems, build confidence, experiment with engineering challenges and learn about robotics, coding and technology through hands-on activities and NASA speakers. The Girls STEM Academy curriculum is developed to spark interest in STEM careers and support state and national initiatives to improve math and science performance.


STEM innovation in schools

STEM Innovations in Schools

The STEM Innovations in Schools program, presented by Chevron, has launched the “Carbon Capture Challenge 2022.” Space Center Houston is leading the challenge with expert panelists from Chevron, NASA Johnson Space Center, and Greentown Labs. The mission is to expand students' and educators’ awareness of the challenges and opportunities to develop a lower carbon future.


Space Center Houston educator presents to students in their classroom from the center.

Distance Learning

Space Center Houston now offers state of the art distance learning for you and your students! Space Center Houston has taken electronic learning to a new level with hands-on, active sessions from multiple locations on the museum floor. Learn about spacesuits in front of actual suits that have orbited the Earth and even gone to the Moon. Experience rocketry amongst the real thing - actual flown Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules. Space Center Houston offers several, interactive options for each grade level. Excite the minds of your students - experience intelligent fun and use SPACE to help you reach your curriculum goals!


Space Center Houston educator presents to a group of students in their classroom.

Orbital Outreach

Do your students need a little space? Searching for an alternative to a class field trip or help with a science night? We have just the solution for you. Space Center Houston will bring Out-Of-This-World interactive presentations to you. We will take your students on a journey into the wonders of space without ever leaving your location. We have two great options for you.

We bring our stellar presentations to you. Our staff will conduct programs for small groups of up to 30 students or larger groups up to 250. Presentation range from 30- 50 minutes in length.


A Space Center Houston educator works with students participating in the Exploration Academy at the center.

Exploration Academy, presented by Booz Allen Hamilton

Exploration Academy is designed to be an innovative program to inspire and engage students and educators with STEM learning activities. Using hands-on activities to teach major lessons, the program provides students with practical applications as well as a more holistic and social view of science. Students learn, understand and seek solutions to problems that not only affect our communities but also afflict the world. The topics of study encompass the International Space Station’s (ISS) water, air, and electrical systems, alongside Earth’s own water filtration, air/atmosphere, electrical, solar and renewable energy systems.


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