Girls STEM Pathway, presented by Boeing

The Girls STEM Pathway initiative is dedicated to engaging girls with 21st century skills to fuel their imaginations and provide authentic learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Presented by longtime supporter Boeing, Space Center Houston’s Girls STEM Pathway is a comprehensive six phase initiative that includes an introductory elementary school experience, a middle school project-based STEM experience, a summer bridge program with mentoring support and a program for high school girls to engage in authentic space challenges and scientific research. To underscore the importance of mentoring for young women pursuing STEM, participants are encouraged to return the following year to provide invaluable advice and career insight to new participants each year.

Each phase of the Girls STEM Pathway builds on the prior phase in hands-on STEM experiential learning opportunities that promote the development of skills, with earned successes and confidence underpinning continued interest and motivation. Space Center Houston gathers extensive data throughout the program’s six phases to measure its impact on participants and ascertain the effectiveness of strategies to change attitudes while driving motivation and confidence in STEM. Space Center Houston plans to make this data available to other educators in the coming years.

Boeing’s support for the development of this initiative includes three consecutive years of grant support to launch the program in 2016 along with a growing cadre of Boeing employees who provide a volunteer network of female STEM professionals who serve as role models offering mentorship support to motivate and help young girls be successful in the workforce.

The Girls STEM Pathway series takes place throughout the year at Space Center Houston and via online platforms.

Approximately 850 students have participated in Girls STEM Pathway to date.

To learn more about participating in the Girls STEM Pathway, contact Catherine Walker, Space Center Houston education STEM pathway coordinator, at

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