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Girl Scout Overnight

Space Center Houston engages Scouts in an interactive and hands-on learning environment. Scouts will have an enriched experience in our overnights that teaches young girls about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics involved with space exploration.

Space Center Houston is excited to welcome back Scouts for our Overnight Experiences. To ensure a safe environment for our campers and crew members, we ask all participants to review our new health and safety policies and procedures as well as our Overnight Experience FAQ before participating.

Each overnight is tailored to the individual ages of the Scouts. The activities are badge-inspired, STEM-based and all about space!

Come experience Space Center Houston’s Girl Scout Overnight activities. Immerse yourself in a setting where your imagination can take flight as you design, build, create, program and launch into a new world of opportunity and exploration.

Demonstrate Girl Scout leadership skills as you work with your peers to solve the real-world problems NASA often encounters. How can you make an astronaut’s job easier? How do you program a robot? How do you plan an astronaut rescue mission on Mars? Get ready to launch into an incredible experience in our Girl Scout Overnights.

Girl Scout Camp-In

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Camp-In

Girl Scout Multi-Level Overnight

GIRL SCOUT Space Science Badge
Ranks: Daisy, Brownie, Juniors, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador

$79.95 per Scout, $69.95 per Adult Chaperone

2022 Dates

  • Jan. 15
  • Feb. 19
  • March 12
  • Apr. 16
  • May 21 SOLD OUT
  • July 9 SOLD OUT
  • Aug. 6 SOLD OUT
  • Oct. 1 SOLD OUT

2023 Dates

  • Jan. 14
  • Mar. 11
  • April 22
  • May 13
  • July 8
  • Aug. 12
  • Sept. 2
  • Oct. 7

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2023 Registration

Girl Scout Multi-Level Overnight

Ranks: Daisy, Brownie, Juniors, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador

  • Inspiration: Watch a documentary about NASA and space exploration in our large screen theater.
  • Robotics challenge roving on Mars: Program a rover and transport materials across the Martian surface to supply an outpost.
  • Star gazing: Look at the stars, moon and planets through telescopes and take home your own pinhole planetarium.
  • Build and launch a model rocket: Each Scout will build a rocket to take home. Space Center Houston will conduct a rocket launch at the end of the night.
  • Explore a science learning center: Your second day will include a private tram tour of NASA Johnson Space Center and general admission to Space Center Houston.

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Space Science Badge

  • Program a Mars rover through a maze to reach your objective
  • Stargaze and enjoy a planetarium show
  • Study the phases of the Moon
  • Build a pocket solar system

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Space Science Badge

  • Control a rover to deliver your payload across a Martian surface
  • Program a robot to travel through the solar system
  • Build a Sky Wheel to aid in stargazing
  • Discover your age on other planets

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Night Owl and Sky Badge

  • Stargazing: identify constellations and make your own sky art
  • Build your own rocket and experience the thrill of a launch when you put your rocket to the test. Watch your rocket shoot for the stars and return safely to Earth!
  • Study current NASA missions and track satellites around Earth

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Are you ready for your next big camping adventure? Sure, every American Heritage Girl goes camping, but have you ever wanted to camp in space?

At our American Heritage Girls Camp-Ins, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy an action-packed evening filled with interactive, engaging activities, private tours, explosive educational shows and more. This program is designed for third-year Tenderhearts through Patriots. Every activity is based on requirements from multiple space related badges so you can earn while you learn.

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Please review the Overnight Experiences guide, which includes program policies and procedures. View FAQ

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