This day in history: Ed White becomes first American to walk in space

Imagine you are in a spacecraft orbiting the Earth. There has only been one person before you that has done what you are about to do. Now, imagine you open the hatch door and look down. There is nothing below you. You take a breath. You take a step. You let go. You are now […]

Remembering John Hodge

Today we remember John Hodge, NASA’s second flight director, and his significant contributions to space exploration. Hodge died on May 19 at his home in Northern Virginia at the age of 92. Blue Flight Director Hodge became NASA’s second flight director for the final solo flight of the Mercury Program, Mercury-Atlas 9, in which astronaut […]

VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Apollo 13 Mission Memories & Apollo to Artemis panels

In our April Thought Leader Series, presented by The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), a panel of experts discuss NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS), which will land the next humans on the Moon during the Artemis Program. In our April Thought Leader Series, presented by The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), we celebrated […]

Astrosteers: What is NASA’s Longhorn Project?

The last thing one might expect to see while visiting NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) is often the first thing many visitors notice, longhorn cattle grazing right across from a mighty Saturn V rocket! Longhorns at NASA? Just what is that all about? A picture on the wall of former JSC Director George W. S. […]

Pop Quiz: Pioneering Missions and Discoveries

This month’s pop quiz is all about the pioneering missions and discoveries that have made a significant contribution in human spaceflight. Take the quiz to test out your space history knowledge!

Solving Space: Aurora Australis by NASA’s IMAGE Spacecraft

[sp name=’AuroraAust’] On April 22, 1970, the world marked the first Earth Day. To celebrate, we’re sharing amazing images of Earth from space! Solve Space by unscrambling this view of the aurora australis (southern lights) four days after a record-setting solar flare sent plasma—an ionized gas of protons and electrons—flying towards the Earth. Then learn […]

Photo Gallery: STS-1 40th anniversary

When Space Shuttle Columbia took to the skies on its maiden voyage on April 12, 1981, a new era of spaceflight took wing. Browse through the photos of the historic STS-1 mission below. These two astronauts are the prime crewmen for the first flight in the Space Transportation System (STS-1) program. Astronauts John W. Young, […]

The story behind our Orbiter Access Arm

Have you seen the shuttle-era Orbiter Access Arm in Independence Plaza? Find out how this historic artifact found its way to Space City all the way from the Space Coast in today’s blog post. What is the Orbiter Access Arm? The Orbiter Access Arm (OAA), also called the gantry, spanned the gap between the launch […]

Solving Space: STS-3 landing

[sp name=’STSThree’] After a successful eight-day mission, the space shuttle Columbia (STS-3) made history as the first to end on New Mexico soil when it landed at the Northrup strip on White Sands Missile Range. Solve Space by unscrambling this image and note the two T-38 chase planes escorting it in, learn more about STS-3, […]

Artemis astronaut feature: Christina Koch

Last year, NASA named the first Artemis astronauts. The mission to return to the Moon begins with the first Artemis flight scheduled to launch later this year. We are featuring each of the Artemis astronauts to help you get to know these pioneering explorers. This week meet Christina Koch. Selected by NASA in 2013, Koch […]

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