Spacecraft Spotlight: Space Shuttle

In our new Spacecraft Spotlight blog series, we are featuring different spacecraft and highlighting their unique features and significant contributions to the history of space exploration. This month we are spotlighting the space shuttle, the world’s first reusable spacecraft. NASA’s Space Shuttle Program at a glance First shuttle launch: Columbia,

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Accelerate Space in the Community 

Space Center Houston’s Leadership Development and Training Program, the Human Performance Accelerator Lab has partnered with Microsoft to create the Accelerate Space Workforce Development Program. The program is focused on upskilling workers and preparing them to find employment in the Houston aerospace industry. By growing the skillset of people in our community, we hope to bolster efforts to create, sustain, and retain

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Women in STEM: Katherine Johnson

There are so many amazing women working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. In this series, we are shining a spotlight on a few of them. We hope you're just as inspired by them as we are. This month, we are highlighting NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who was

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Meet Our Solar System: Venus

How well do you know your astronomical neighborhood? Let's go on a trip through our solar system and explore the weird, the wild, and the beautiful all around us. Today, we are learning all about Venus. Where is it? Venus is the second planet of our solar system, sitting an

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Ronald McNair

Celebrating Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month, Space Center Houston celebrates the African-American mathematicians, engineers, scientists, administrators, and astronauts who have contributed to the success of our nation’s human spaceflight programs. From NASA’s hidden figures to the promise of landing the first person of color on the lunar surface with Artemis,

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SEEC 2018

Photo Gallery: Best of SEEC

Each year, educators from across the world discover the latest STEM education resources at our Space Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC). At SEEC, attendees hear from NASA experts, network with fellow educators, go on tours of historic NASA locations, explore Space Center Houston exhibits, and take back new and exciting lessons

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Astronauts and Commercial Space Highlight SEEC 2022 Keynotes

This past year has been an exciting time in commercial spaceflight. As such, our Space Exploration Educators Conference keynote sessions this year will highlight the best of spaceflight. Our first keynote will bring together crew from STS-129 for a talk entitled, “You Never Know Who You Will Inspire: A candid

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Saturn V

Science in Action: Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Behind each rocket launch, there’s a basic scientific principle to explain what’s happening. Each month, in our new Science in Action series we uncover the science behind spaceflight. Chances are, you’ve heard of Newton’s three laws of motion. Today, we are taking a closer look at Newton’s second law and

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Ax-1 Mission patch

Launch Pad: Axiom Mission 1

Meet the four private astronauts flying into space for the Ax-1 mission. From left: Larry Connor, Michael López-Alegría, Mark Pathy, and Eytan Stibbe. Image credit: Axiom Space Each month, in our Launch Pad series we cover notable spaceflight missions set to lift off soon. In a historic first-of-its-kind flight, Axiom

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Demo-2 Launch

Photo Gallery: Rocket Launches

Space exploration is fueled by successful rocket launches, from the Saturn V launching the first humans to the Moon, to the success of the SpaceX Falcon 9, the world’s first reusable orbital class rocket! Through the decades, rockets have been modified and improved, built bigger, faster, and more powerful. They

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