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Member Spotlight: Amberleigh Thetford

A relaxing weekend away from home looks different for everyone, but for Amberleigh Thetford, a Space Center Houston Discovery Circle member, and her family, it includes a trip to Space Center Houston from their home in Arizona.

A space enthusiast since she was young, Thetford dreams of heading into the great unknown of space one day. Until then, she gets as close to space as possible by taking regular trips to Space Center Houston with her twins, Lincoln and Abbie.

Thetford first became a member in 2020, upon learning of the center’s summer Explorer Camps, which her children were just old enough to attend. As her twins headed to their first of many spectacular camp experiences, Thetford decided to explore the center’s artifact collection, interactive exhibits, and live presentations. It was here that she found a renewed love for the space industry.

“Early entry and express entry are my favorite member benefits because when we visit, quick and easy entry to the center results in more quality time to interact with exhibits. Express entry also makes it a lot less stressful, especially since I’m traveling with two small children, to not have to wait in the outdoor lines for entry, particularly during the hot summer.”

With top-of-the-line exhibits and exclusive member benefits, Thetford says each time her family visits Space Center Houston, it’s like experiencing a brand-new adventure.

Even after a long day of camp, Thetford says her children are always up for exploring the center and learning more about the future of human spaceflight. “Member entry benefits allow us to skip the line and head straight to security, giving us extra time to explore the center prior to closing each day,” she says.

Thetford also has exclusive access to events happening at Space Center Houston. Recently, the family used their complimentary tickets to attend Breakfast with an Astronaut, where the Thetford children were able to interact with a real-life astronaut.

Thetford thinks very highly of Space Center Houston and its exceptional employees. She specifically mentions Membership Supervisor Jose Elizalde, who has helped make each visit memorable. “He and his team go above and beyond to ensure I am getting the full member-experience. I’m so grateful for their efforts and credit the team with contributing to my love for Space Center Houston.”

Space Center Houston members enjoy unique experiences all year long. Through their contributions, members become important Space Center Houston champions, helping us bring people and space closer together.

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