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Saluting Crew Members for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the contributions of some of Space Center Houston’s female crew members! Learn how these dynamic ladies are bringing people and space closer together through their extraordinary careers at Space Center Houston.

Sharon McDougle

Girl’s STEM Pathway program Subject Matter Expert (SME)

“Even though I no longer work with the space program I am still very much involved in spreading the word about all things space, particularly my past career working with the orange launch/entry space suit as well as other opportunities to work with the space program. I even wrote a children’s book titled “Suit Up for Launch With Shay!” which educates kids of all ages [that they] can learn about the space suit in a fun and interesting way and hopefully pique their interest to one day work in the aerospace industry.”

Lauren Holley

Audience and Evaluation Manager

“As our Audience and Evaluation Manager, I investigate ways to best connect with our audiences and I showcase our impact. My work helps our museum understand what our visitors and communities are curious about, what they know or discover during their time with us, and how they see space present in their everyday lives.”

Rachel Schwartzman

Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist

“As a woman with a disability working in museums like Space Center Houston, I get to witness and show that women are a force in this industry and STEM. I work to make sure all people have access to space education and feel a sense of belonging when they are here. We want visitors to see themselves in the work that is being done here and at NASA by impressive women innovators. I am proud to be a part of bringing people and space closer together.”

Mary Shafer

Chief Operating Officer

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve been inspired by museums and nature and have loved creating experiences for people that help them feel more connected to each other and the wonder of our universe. I was also very fortunate to have had several educators and scientists in my life that made me feel welcome and encouraged me to explore more (including my dad!). I feel so honored that I get to combine these passions into my role where every day I get to bring people and space closer together every day!”

Carmina Mortillaro

Collections Specialist

“I love telling space stories and watching the spark in people’s expression when they make a connection with something they already know and become more curious about space and how it benefits life on Earth.”

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