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VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Spaceports: Bringing space to your community

Space is on the cusp of becoming much more accessible. With advancements in reusable space technology, regional spaceports are the next step in helping more companies fly into low Earth orbit. Houston is home to a spaceport at Ellington Airport. What’s the future for these hubs of innovation? How are they designed?

Learn about the potential for spaceports in our October Thought Leader Series, presented by The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).

About the panel

October Thought Leader Series panelists include Spaceport America Executive Director Scott McLaughlin Andy Rechenberg; Deputy Manager for Kennedy Space Center’s Configuration Management Program; and spaceport architects Cherie Matthew and Sangeetha Karthik.

Scott McLaughlin is the Executive Director of the world’s first purpose-built FAA-licensed commercial spaceport, Spaceport America. Scott is a native New Mexican and has worked in both the private and government sectors, in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. In his previous role he traveled around the world installing, maintaining, and marketing specialized wind radar systems. His innovative designs support space launch, test ranges, aviation operations, weather service networks, atmospheric research, and shipboard-based wind measurements.

Andy Rechenberg is Deputy Manager for Kennedy Space Center’s Configuration Management Program and is the Information Technology Liaison for the Gateway Program. In his spare time Andy teaches group cycling and fitness classes and enjoys running half marathons and photography with his son, who lives in Ohio. NASA’s Gateway will be an outpost orbiting the Moon that provides vital support for a long-term human return to the lunar surface, as well as a staging point for deep space exploration.

Sangeetha Karthik is a Associate Principle at Corgan, a leading architecture and design firm founded more than 80 years ago. As a thought-leader on career and technical education centers, Sangeetha has done extensive research on planning for the future through project-based learning environments. She has worked with many education clients to define and align career-based curriculum to meet the goals and needs of the clients as well as the market and area. She excels in creating spaces that mimic the real world, train collaboration and are student-driven to foster engaged, self-directed learners that are aptly prepared for their future careers. Sangeetha is a licensed Architect and Interior Designer in the State of Texas.

Cherie Matthew is an architect and senior associate in the aviation studio at Corgan. As a pioneer for innovative aviation design, Cherie partnered with Corgan’s research and development arm to give shape to the Spaceport—the buildings, networks, services, and experiences needed to support point-to-point rocket travel and commercial space travel.

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