VIDEO: Thought Leader Series – Lessons from Apollo 12

The Apollo 11 mission made history. But it didn’t mark the end of NASA’s work. Less than five months after Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface, NASA continued its mission, sending Apollo 12 to the Moon.

It was a unique mission, filled with a lightning strike, precise landings and a destroyed color television tube.

In this Nov. 13 installment of our ongoing Thought Leader Series, presented by the University of Texas Medical Branch, listen to Apollo-era flight director Gerry Griffin, flight controllers Jerry Bostick and Milt Heflin and NASA astronaut Stan Love discuss what the Apollo 12 mission meant and how its lessons continue to inform the work NASA does today.

Apollo 12 launched in November 1969, and the crew included commander Pete Conrad, Command Module pilot Richard Gordon and Lunar Module pilot Alan Bean.

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