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Solving Space: Skylab 1-G Trainer

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How could astronauts live and work in space for prolonged periods of time? Apollo missions had lasted a maximum of no more than two weeks. But NASA had a bigger vision: Skylab, America’s first space station.

First, though, the NASA team needed to learn how to support the Skylab crew, and the crew needed to learn how to adapt to being a resident of space for months. Enter the Skylab trainer. You can see the Skylab trainer at Space Center Houston! Solve Space by unscrambling the puzzle.

Learn Before You Go

Enjoy these fast facts that are good to know about the Skylab exhibit:

  • Three different crews spent a total of 171 days on board.
  • The actual trainer used by astronauts to prepare for life aboard Skylab was so large that Space Center Houston had to be built around the trainer.
  • Skylab consisted of a command and service module, a multiple docking adapter, an airlock module, Apollo Telescope Mount and an orbital workshop.
  • The orbital workshop is what guests can walk through, getting to see the aft compartment used for everyday human activities.

Want to learn more? Read NASA’s online history of Skylab or better yet, watch the video below and see inside the Skylab 1-G trainer when you visit Space Center Houston!

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