Photo Gallery: Apollo-era flight controllers

Did you know that during the Apollo 11 mission, the average age of flight controllers was just 28?

Imagine being responsible for landing a man on the Moon for the first time ever in your late twenties. What was it like? How did they prepare? What was the most challenging aspect?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our Lunch with a Flight Controller events on July 16 and 24 as part of our Apollo 11 50th anniversary celebrations. Talk with the people sitting at the helm of human space exploration during one of the most exciting times in history.

A flight controller will be seated at every table providing unparalleled access to the minds of these legendary scientists and engineers.

All of the flight controllers who will be at the events are listed below. To see which flight controller will be at which event or to get your tickets, please visit the Apollo celebration webpage.

  • John E. Cools Real Time Computing Complex, Manager
  • Richard Cucco LM Grumman, Lead Test Engineer
  • John D. (Denny) Holt Space Environment Officer, Weather Room
  • Robert H. Heselmeyer LM Telmu LM Electrical Power and Mechanical Systems MOCR Flight Controller
  • J. Milton Heflin LRD, Landing and Recovery Operations
  • James J. Kelly CSM EPS, Command and Service Module Electrical Power System Flight Controller
  • Jack Knight LM EECOM, LM Electrical Environmental, and Communications Systems Flight Controller
  • Harold A. Loden LM GNC, LM Guidance Navigation and Control Flight Controller
  • Charles R. Lewis Flight Controller, Assistant Flight Director MOCR
  • William J. Moon CSM EECOM, Command Service Module Electrical, Environmental, and Communication Systems Flight Controller
  • Ernest L. Randall Network Controller
  • William Reeves LM EPS, LM Electrical Power System Flight Controller
  • Richard Swalin Flight Controller Consumables specialist, Flight Dynamics SSR
  • Arthur L. (Larry) Schmitt Lunar Surface Science Ops
  • Milton L. Windler Flight Director MOCR
  • David W. Whittle Flight Controller, COMM/INST, Vehicle Systems SSR-LM
  • Robert Nance Flight Controller, PROP, Vehicle Systems SSR- LM

Photo gallery

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