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Media Inquiries

Owned and operated by the nonprofit Manned Space Flight Education FoundationSpace Center Houston is a museum that is the first Smithsonian Affiliate in Houston, a renowned attraction and the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center.

With nearly 1 million visitors a year, Space Center Houston was called the “the big draw” by USA Today and features more than 400 space artifacts, new exhibits year-round and exciting exhibits and experiences about the space program. Dedicated to inspiring youth toward careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Space Center Houston offers a rich array of education programming for teachers and students, providing extraordinary learning opportunities.

Story and filming requests

We welcome members of the media and digital publications to work with us on a story about the center. All media requesting interviews about Space Center Houston or wishing to film at the center must send an inquiry to

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To plan your trip or a trip for your readers or viewers, visit for “insider” tips on making your visit easy, educational and the best it can be, our hours of operation (varies throughout the year) and ticket prices.

We are not NASA Johnson Space Center, although we are a close partner as its Official Visitor Center dedicated to the history and future of human space exploration and we conduct public tours of JSC. NASA is a division of the United States government. We are a nonprofit education foundation. If you wish to write about NASA, contact the JSC News Room at +1 (281) 483-5111 or visit JSC’s website.

Media policies

Press Pass Policy

Press passes are available for news media visiting the center on assignment. Due to the center’s nonprofit status and the need to conserve resource dollars, unfortunately, additional passes cannot be provided to press visiting the center while not on assignment. We appreciate your understanding and encourage any members of the press interested in visiting Space Center Houston at a reduced rate to sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on social media by visiting the Connect page.

Photography and Video Policy

All film productions and photography shoots are evaluated and must be approved by Space Center Houston’s Communications Department. Approved photography (both print and video) is permitted inside Space Center Houston during operating hours for small production crews (up to four people), but limitations are in place for the safety and consideration of our ticketed guests. During operating hours, we are unable to close attractions or block areas where our guests expect to have access. We ask that production units be self-contained and flash photography is not permitted during films and live presentations. We cannot permit running cables or additional equipment (lights, monitors, etc.) as they pose a safety hazard for our guests and detract from their experiences. If your production requires special considerations or has a large crew, after-hours arrangements can be made, in which case a facility fee will apply.

Guests are not permitted to bring tripods into the center or aboard the tram tour.  News media working on assignment and escorted by a communication staff member are allowed to use tripods in the center, however, some restrictions may apply.  We do not allow any filming to disrupt the guest experience.

Since NASA Johnson Space Center is an active facility, there are a few areas on the tour with photo restrictions in place. Flash photography is restricted in the active mission control room, since the flash can ground controllers running a mission or training for upcoming flights. Tour guides will indicate when similar policies may apply in other facilities.

Contact Us

All media inquiries should be directed to the Space Center Houston Communications Department.

+1 (281) 244-2122

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