Member Spotlight: Mallik Putcha

Space might be the final frontier, but Mallik Putcha is using his life here on Earth to help the next generation of engineers, innovators, and problem solvers explore the beyond. To maximize the impact of his efforts, Putcha relies on his Patron-level membership benefits, to help take his passion for space to a whole new level.

Putcha first visited Space Center Houston in 1992 following the initial opening of the museum along with his wife, Dr. Lakshmi Putcha, former Chief of Pharmacokinetics, NASA Life Sciences Division (now deceased). As a NASA contractor engineer, he took a personal interest in the space industry, especially how NASA portrayed the space race to the public. “Space is there and as human beings, we always want to explore,” Putcha says. He recognized that Space Center Houston provides a way for visitors from around the world to begin their space exploration adventures.

Putcha became a Space Center Houston member in 2016, the perfect time as his grandchildren were visiting for the holiday season. When he asked them what they wanted to do during their free time, they collectively asked to attend the center’s hands-on education programs. Using his membership benefits, Putcha registered his grandchildren for the winter Explore Camps at an excellent members-only, discounted rate. When the kids finished their camp experience, Putcha found himself pleased with how they were inspired by and curious about the space and science content, remarking “Space Center Houston is educating kids in the current generation, so they know how the space industry was able to get started and where it is now.”

Now a Discovery Circle member, Putcha has continued to enjoy the perks of his membership. He recently reveled in the opportunity to once again help ignite the spark of imagination for new folks in our local community. After successfully selling his long-time home, which is situated not far from Space Center Houston, Putcha utilized his Patron membership privileges to arrange a personalized VIP tour of the center and brought the family who recently purchased his home as his guests. Through this experience, Putcha wanted to help the family, which included adults and a number of young children, open their imaginations and set their curiosity into motion. He wanted to help them grow a fondness for Space Center Houston so that the family might also become members and enjoy unique experiences as he and his family had.

Putcha’s guests had a wonderful time exploring Space Center Houston and learning about all that the center has to offer, which included the benefits available exclusively to members. This firsthand experience reminded Putcha of the wonder and effects that learning about space exploration could have on guests of all ages. Putcha explains that “without that initial spark of curiosity in the next generation, the spark that Space Center Houston helps ignite, we will never know where we will be able to go.”

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