Family Campouts return in 2019

Family Campouts

Have you ever wanted to learn more about space? Do you enjoy camping out under the stars? Did you know that Family Campouts at Space Center Houston let you do both?!

Bring the family (as long as they’re over the age of 5) and spend a night at the center where you’ll take part in interactive learning experiences that take you and your loved ones on a space exploration journey, all while experiencing the great outdoors (or indoors if you prefer)!

We happen to think that space and science exploration, delivered via immersive and experiential learning, creates epiphanies, makes connections and is fun. These campouts provide a unique opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy, value and pursue learning, exploration and discovery.


As you enter the center after hours, you’ll find yourself immersed in science, technology and engineering activities that every member of the family is sure to enjoy! With an array of options that cover different difficulty levels, each person is guaranteed to learn something new.

Take on the challenge of building a robotic hand or programming a rover in the Robotics Challenge Arena. Or work with your family to build and launch a rocket, a task that requires both skill and teamwork! You and your loved ones can even train like an astronaut, learning about what it takes to perform spacewalks.

Starship Gallery

You’ll also be able to take a tour of our Starship Gallery, to see one-of-a-kind artifacts and flown spacecraft like the Apollo 17 command module that carried the last crew to walk on the moon.

Gaze at the stars from your sleeping bag inside Starship Gallery as you witness Ed White’s historic spacewalk just above your head, or look upon the stars from your campsite outside just under the wings of the Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft and our high-fidelity shuttle replica in Independence Plaza.

Campout in Independence Plaza

No matter if you lay your head in Independence Plaza or Starship Gallery, you’ll drift off among some of the most amazing scientific and technological feats accomplished by humankind. You’ll awake inspired and leave with a newfound sense of discovery and curiosity.

Back by popular demand, this overnight experience is expanding from four to six events for 2019, with a campout offered every other month! This is a great way to engage the whole family in fun, experiential STEM learning that will challenge even the most seasoned space enthusiast in your group.

You can even commemorate your stay in space with a T-shirt or patch available for purchase the night of the event! Dinner is included in your stay as well as next-day admission, so you can continue your journey of learning and exploration with shows, presentations and a NASA tram tour.

Get ready to take your family on an out-of-this-world trip that’s both educational and fun. This unique experience fills up quickly, so don’t wait, start planning your overnight stay today!

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To learn more about our Family Campouts, including ticket prices, availability and answers to frequently asked questions, click here. If you have questions please contact our reservations department at or +1 281-283-4755.

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