Planet Earth Celebration

April 22-23

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Wildlife Refuge Tram Tour 
Hop on a NASA Tram Tour for special new content highlighting the sustainable efforts at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). Learn about the wildlife taking refuge in JSC’s rookery and coastal prairie grasslands including multiple varieties of herons and egrets as well as deer, armadillos, snakes, skunks, bobcats, and coyotes. On our Space Vehicle Mockup Facility NASA Tram Tour, gain a deeper understanding of sustainable rockets and spacecraft as well as how six million gallons of water is recycled every 19.6 hours at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

Our Sustainability Efforts  
Learn about sustainable artifacts and programs in the space industry from our tour experts in the Main Plaza and outdoors at Independence Plaza and the SpaceX Falcon 9.

Explore a maze with images of Earth captured by NASA satellites and take a break and relax with a game of cornhole, Jenga, or Connect 4 at Independence Plaza.

Feel like you’re viewing the Earth from space inside a digitarium (a large planetarium). When astronauts view the Earth from space, this unique experience is known as The Overview Effect, which describes the psychological effects only astronauts experience and how it can influence a greater change in humankind.
Pop-up Science Labs 
Become a scientist in two different hands-on Pop-Up Science Labs. Investigate the climate change issue of carbon dioxide buildup and the removal in spacecraft. Make your own carbon capture unit to use at home.

Guest Speakers 
Attend a live virtual presentation about The Overview Effect, presented by author Frank White, astronaut Nicole Stott, Dr. Annahita Nazami, and moderated by Dr. Will Stefanov April 23 1-2:15 p.m. inside Space Center Theater.

Community Educational Booths
Hear from local organizations about how they help preserve our planet. Galveston Bay Foundation will provide recycling activities, including the opportunity to write on oyster shells on April 23. City of Houston Waste Management Department will teach guests about recycling including what materials are recyclable. Additional organizations joining are Eden Grow Systems, Maree’s Greens, and The Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

Climate Fighter Paint Mural 
Participate in painting an Earth Day mural using Climate Fighter Paint. Learn about Climate Fighter Paint, developed by The People’s CO2, and how it helps remove carbon from the atmosphere. The paint is non-toxic, all natural, and inspired by observing Earth's natural processes. The paint "drinks" CO2 out of the air - working to protect planet Earth with planet Earth. It also locks carbon in place using natural geological mechanisms. It's both a carbon capture and carbon storage technology.
Pop-up Science Talks  
The Space Shuttle Program brought reusable spacecraft into reality by creating a craft that could be relaunched quickly. SpaceX continues this tradition with its reusable rocket program. Our experts will discuss sustainable rockets and spacecraft in Independence Plaza and beneath the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Learn about how space is becoming more accessible.

Atmospheric Balloon Launch
Watch our education team launch a massive atmospheric balloon from the Main Plaza daily! Meet with our instructors and learn about our atmosphere and the future of deep space exploration.

Recycle Your Devices  
Help us keep our planet healthy for the explorers of today and tomorrow. Recycle your electronic devices at our Planet Earth Celebration. Bring approved devices* for recycling, provided by Technocycle, April 22 and April 23, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Approved devices include batteries, office/business equipment, and handheld electronics. Devices that are not accepted include CRT monitors/TVs, fans, floor lamps, vacuum cleaners, copiers/printers, oil/biohazard waste, paint cans, air conditioners, smoke alarms, alkaline batteries – AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, appliances, mercury devices, wire or fire-damaged electronics, and equipment previously-stored outdoors. Technocycle provides a zero landfill, zero illegal export, and total data security recycling initiative. Drop-off locations will be stationed outside of the center near the flag poles. *All devices should be lifted or carried by the donor.

Make Earth Day Every Day

Make a pledge to make Earth Day every day by writing your sustainability goal on our community board.

Share your sustainability pledge on social media and tag #SpaceCenterHou to be featured on the center’s social media accounts.

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