CineSpace Second Place – The Only Home We Will Ever Know

CineSpace, a short film competition created by NASA Johnson Space Center in partnership with the Houston Cinema Arts Society, offers aspiring and professional filmmakers a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery. This week, we are sharing the second place winner “The Only Home We Will Ever Know.”

About the film:
On Feb. 14, 1990, one picture made us all feel small again. From over 6 billion kilometers away, NASA’s Voyager I Probe turned back from where it had once come and snapped an iconic image of all of us, together, shrunken down to nearly the size of a pixel — The Pale Blue Dot. Astrophysicist Carl Sagan personifies this image, encapsulating the sublime, the vastness of outer space, and the creations of the human race. Our differences are meaningless, and our only true hope for today are the innovations of yesterday and tomorrow.

About CineSpace:
With more than 1,700 films from 55 countries submitted over the past 5 years, the program features films from past finalist and winners of the competition and showcases films from various genres, including narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, sci-fi, and more. For more information on CineSpace, visit:

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