Apollo 50th: Space Spinoffs Infographic

Space exploration benefits humanity. It’s a simple concept, but in a future where a person has been continually living in space since 2002, it can be lost. Space exploration gave us Velcro, glaucoma surgery and so much in between.

For instance, the Apollo program provided more than just the achievement of landing the first people on the moon. The technology needed to safely send astronauts to the Lunar surface and back was applied to a host of consumer products up to and including a certain breakfast drink.

In the second of our ongoing series of infographics celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, we look at the space spinoffs from the Apollo program. These are not all of the products created from those technologies, but this should give you some insight into the depth and breadth of the programs impact.

What stands out to you from these? Do you use something every day that spun off the Apollo program?

Apollo 50th Space Spinoffs Infographic

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