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Plan a Field Trip

Space Center Houston offers a variety of age-appropriate and inspiring camp experiences with safety top of mind. 

Getting Started

Click here to get a PDF of our free Map and Guide. It is also offered in eight languages including Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese.

To get the best experience, we recommend splitting your large group into smaller groups of about 10 students and one chaperone to tour the center. Please note that the maximum number of people who can ride on a tram at one time is 87. Groups larger than this maximum will not be able to take the same tram tour.

Must-see Attractions

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket: In our newest exhibit, the Falcon 9 core, or first stage, B1035 is displayed horizontally and elevated 14 feet off the ground near Independence Plaza.

It’s one of only two SpaceX Falcon 9 boosters on display and the first commercial space exhibit for Space Center Houston. Walk underneath this marvel of reusable space technology and learn more about how it is making space more accessible.

Independence Plaza, presented by Boeing: Experience the historic shuttle carrier aircraft NASA 905 with the high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence mounted on top. You can tour this international landmark at your own pace. We suggest allowing about an hour and a half to explore this innovative exhibit celebrating the Space Shuttle Program. Touch interactive displays, see NASA artifacts and learn about the legacy of the Space Shuttle Program. The one-of-a-kind Independence Plaza is the only place in the world where visitors can enter a shuttle replica mounted on top of the original space shuttle carrier aircraft.

Mission Mars: Experience a virtual Martian sunset, climb into a simulated Orion capsule and feel the texture of rock cliffs inspired by the red planet in this brand-new interactive exhibit. Discover what it takes to travel to Mars, what hardware will get us to the fourth planet in our solar system and how humans might live on the red planet in the next few decades.

Starship Gallery: Home to the majority of our artifacts, walk inside the massive Skylab Trainer Module where astronauts first trained for life in space. See multiple flown spacecraft including Gemini V, Mercury “Faith” 7 and Apollo 17. Touch one of only eight moon rocks on earth available for the public to touch inside our Lunar Vault.

NASA Tram Tour: Go behind the scenes at NASA Johnson Space Center. You will tour Rocket Park, home of the Saturn V rocket, which is the most powerful rocket ever built. Check the information screens in the tram loading area to see what other NASA locations are available for tour that day. Tram tours are subject to change and cancellation at a moment’s notice due to inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances. The tram tour visits working government facilities which are subject to availability and can temporarily close to visitors without notice.

Astronaut Gallery: Walk among one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of astronaut apparel and spacesuits.

International Space Station Gallery: See live presentations, artifacts, space hardware, displays and other amazing pieces from the orbiting laboratory and home to astronauts.

Kids Space Place: This area of Space Center Houston caters to younger children with many hands-on, interactive, colorful and educational exhibits.

Discover why astronauts must exercise in space, see how they sleep and how they work in microgravity during the interactive Living in Space presentation. Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston.

Films and Live Shows

Destiny Theater: See the signature film, Human Destiny, which showcases the history of space exploration and explains many of the artifacts you will see in Space Center Houston.

Space Center Theater: Enjoy a film in the towering, five-story-tall Space Center Theater, one of the largest 4K theaters in Texas with the latest in audio and video technology.

New Perspectives: This interactive presentation gives you a glimpse inside life on the International Space Station. The Living in Space module shows you what our astronauts experience on a daily basis. You’ll discover how even the smallest tasks are complicated by a microgravity environment.

Food and Souvenirs

Gift shops: Space Center Houston has two gift shops packed with the coolest space, NASA and Star Wars® souvenirs. Our SpaceTrader gift shops have everything from astronaut ice cream to NASA mission patches. All students must be accompanied by a chaperone in order to enter the gift shops.

The Food Lab: Fuel your Space Center Houston visit with lunch. From deli sandwiches, salads and vegetarian meals to pizza and hamburgers to the full-service café serving Starbucks, you are bound to find something to enjoy.

Get more tips and advice to help plan your field trip on our Visitor Information page.

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