STEM Innovations in Schools

The STEM Innovations in Schools program, presented by Chevron, has launched the “Carbon Capture Challenge 2022.” Space Center Houston is leading the challenge with expert panelists from Chevron, NASA Johnson Space Center, and Greentown Labs. The mission is to expand students' and educators’ awareness of the challenges and opportunities to develop a lower carbon future.

What is carbon capture?
Carbon Capture or Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) is the process by which carbon is captured from a source before or after it enters the atmosphere. The CO2 is then transported and “permanently stored underground or reused to produce new products such as cement, chemicals, plastics, and fuels (Amber Sturrock, 2022).”

How can I help?
“As a collective, we can all make an impact.” - Juliana Garaizar
Creating a healthy and sustainable planet is not a problem for the next generation, but an opportunity for the current generation to actively become a part of the solution. Strategizing and developing ideas, like our students, can fuel innovations in the future. Even minor changes, such as carpooling or walking to work or school, can reduce your carbon footprint.

Watch Webinar 1 for a closer look into the STEM Innovations in Schools, presented by Chevron.


Chris Matty

Chris Matty is the International Space Station Program Integrator at NASA Johnson Space Center. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Oklahoma and a Master of Science in Astroparticle Physics from The University of Houston Clear Lake. Chris has over 16 years of experience with the Space Shuttle, ISS, and Orion Programs.

Amber Sturrock

Amber Sturrock is the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Advisor within Chevron New Energies. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University. Previously, she was a Strategy and Planning Analyst for Chevron focusing on the Gulf of Mexico. Her expertise lies in subsea operations and subsea brownfield expansion projects.

Juliana Garaizar

Juliana Garaizar is the Head of Houston Incubator and VP of Innovation for Greentown Labs. She obtained a Master of Business Administration at the London Business School and Haas School of Business in Berkeley, specializing in Entrepreneurship. Previously, she worked for 5 years in Singapore: first as an International Trade Consultant for the Trade Commission of Spain in a broad range of industry sectors and then as a Project Manager for the Asia Technology Office of Citigroup, leading projects at the international level.


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