Apollo 11

It’s National Moon Day! Celebrate with a look back at the first lunar landing.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot upon the Moon. Two years after the first lunar landing, the anniversary was proclaimed National Moon Day to honor one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Today, we continue to celebrate the giant leap that the crew of Apollo

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Photo Gallery: Apollo 13

“Houston, we’ve had a problem…” That line spoken by Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, while often misquoted, has become one of the most famous quotes of the Apollo era. Dubbed a “successful failure,” Apollo 13 is perhaps one of the most iconic Apollo missions. Although the crew did not set

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Demo-2 Launch

Photo Gallery: Rocket Launches

Space exploration is fueled by successful rocket launches, from the Saturn V launching the first humans to the Moon, to the success of the SpaceX Falcon 9, the world’s first reusable orbital class rocket! Through the decades, rockets have been modified and improved, built bigger, faster, and more powerful. They

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Apollo and Artemis

Artemis I: How does Artemis compare to Apollo?

In our newest blog series, we are exploring the uncrewed Artemis I flight, a mission that will pave the way for future lunar exploration.   NASA learned an enormous amount from the Apollo missions. All that invaluable knowledge has been put to good use in planning a return to the

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Astronaut Michael Collins Memorial

Michael Collins was more alone than any human had ever been. As the command module pilot for Apollo 11, he was completely cut off from communication with Earth while crewmates Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were on the lunar surface. That left Collins isolated but in the good spirits that

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Travel back to the Apollo Era this spring

Join us this spring to explore how we got to the Moon during the Apollo era, as well as how we will return to the Moon during the Artemis Program and get to Mars with the Orion Program. Check out the exhibits and experiences below that you can do at

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Trivia: Apollo 8

‘Tis the season for trivia! On this day, 52 years ago, Apollo 8 launched, carrying a crew of three to the Moon for the first time. Celebrate this historic mission with a pop quiz that is sure to test your Apollo knowledge! Click here to watch and listen to Apollo

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he Apollo 12 three-man crew pictured left to right are: Astronauts Charles Conrad, Spacecraft Commander; Richard F. Gordon, pilot of the Command Module `Yankee Clipper'; and Alan L. Bean, pilot of the Lunar Module `Intrepid'.

#OTD: 14 Nov. 1969 Apollo 12 Launches to the Moon for Second Crewed Landing

On Nov. 14, 1969, at 11:22 a.m. EST. Apollo 12 lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida–after being struck twice by lightning! Carried by a Saturn V rocket, the Apollo 12 capsule, nicknamed the Yankee Clipper, launched mission crew Commander Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr.,

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CineSpace First Place – The Most Ideal Place

CineSpace, a short film competition created by NASA Johnson Space Center in partnership with the Houston Cinema Arts Society, offers aspiring and professional filmmakers a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery. This week, we are sharing the first place winner “The Most Ideal Place.”

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NASA tram tour

Rocket Trivia: Week 1

Blast off with this month’s trivia, all about rockets, from the mighty Saturn V that propelled the first men to the Moon to SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9! Test your knowledge below and check back next week for more fun spaceflight trivia!

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