Top five things to do this Cosmic Spring

What’s your mission this spring break? Make it your mission to complete all five of these can’t-miss opportunities at Space Center Houston during Cosmic Spring, sponsored by the City of Webster March 11-27.

5. Journey into space.

5. Journey into space. – The newly renovated Space Center Theater will re-open for spring break and show movies in stunning 4K ultra-high definition. When you’re at Space Center Houston, don’t miss Journey to Space, the documentary that takes you in the exciting present and future of NASA’s human missions into deep space.

4. Meet an astronaut.

4. Meet an astronaut. – During one of our special, weeklong offerings of Lunch with an Astronaut, see a real space pioneer and hear stories about their space adventures with astronauts Clay Anderson, Ken Cameron, Brain Duffy, Michael Foreman and Mark Polansky. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear what it takes to become an astronaut and about these pioneers’ greatest accomplishments in America’s space program.

3. Take the NASA Tram Tour.

3. Take the NASA Tram Tour. – Go inside NASA Johnson Space Center on this unique experience. Ride a tram from Space Center Houston into the heart of JSC, where today’s astronauts prepare for future missions. Then, step into the past by visiting Historic Mission Control, where the country’s first forays into space exploration were directed.

2. Transport yourself through Going Places.

2. Transport yourself through Going Places. – Our new spring exhibit, Going Places – The Technology of Transport presented by the City of Webster, will twirl you through the exciting world of how we move, both on Earth and in space.

1. Walk inside the first shuttle carrier aircraft.

1. Walk inside the first shuttle carrier aircraft. – See Independence Plaza presented by Boeing, the newest international landmark. Go inside both the first shuttle carrier aircraft, NASA 905, and the high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence mounted on top.

Visitor Tip: Space Center Houston implemented a new timed-ticketing program to help visitors have the best experience possible on the NASA Tram Tour and shuttle replica Independence. There are three easy ways to reserve a ticket. Prior to a visit, reserve a free ticket for a designated time at Arriving without a timed ticket? Don’t worry. There are still two ways to reserve a timed ticket. Go first to the timed-ticket stations at the Membership Desk where a Crew Member can assist in reserving a spot, or use your mobile device at to reserve a tour.

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