SCRC: Next Gen Robotics

Space Center Robotics Challenge: Next Gen Robotics

Take the next giant leap into the high tech world of robotics. Register your team for two exciting robotics challenges during our first Space Center Robotics Challenge: Next Gen Robotics. This competition, based on the LEGO® brand Mindstorms® robotics platforms, challenges students to solve terrestrial and space-based problems.

Registration is $75 for a team of 10 students and two adults.  Each team must have a coach employed by its school district or registered with another organization. Competitions start at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 16.

Download the Mars Space Challenge and U-STEM Innovation and Invention contest guidelines for additional information and don’t forget to register your team today.

1st Place

– Space Center Robotics Grand prize trophy

– High Tech Field Trip: Lunch with an astronaut (students only).

– Behind scenes tour of JSC.

– ½ price admission to Space University or Mars Trekker Global  free admission to Space Center Houston.

– International Space Station Photograph.

– Camped in Space t-shirts for each team member.

– $500 stipend to further team robotics (Prizes are awarded to team of up to 7 members and 1 coach) Must be redeemed on any given Friday in the month of May, 2015.

2nd place

– “Camped in Space” shirts, $250 stipend for team and a free general admissions ticket for each team member.

3rd place

– Space gift bag for all team members

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Mars Space Challenge


Students will explore next generation robotics on Mars through missions that are essential for survival on the Red Planet.  Teams will assemble crews, develop communication stations, launch satellites into orbit, secure power supplies and, in true superhero fashion, save a robot that needs help.
Mars Space Challenge Guidelines

U-STEM Innovation and Invention Contest



Teams will create and develop a unique robotic invention or innovation that will solve a problem or improve an existing product for use during a Mars exploration.Students will approach their problem as a real team of engineers working together. Teams will use the engineering design process, a sequence of operations intended to achieve a result or produce an outcome.
U-STEM Innovation and Invention Guidelines

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