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Space Center Houston’s Winter Camps Bring Holiday Fun to Young Explorers

HOUSTON, Sept. 23, 2015 – Space Center Houston’s educational winter camps challenge future young space cadets with robotics, rocketry and adventures about the red planet this Dec. 21-23 and 28-30.

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“Campers will have fun and learn about engineering a rover, exploring the world of science fiction using light sabers and hovercrafts and how 3D printing works,” said Daniel Newmyer, director of education for the nonprofit. “As an educational center, our winter camps bring learning to life in exciting, hands-on activities focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

Through interactive, immersive educational programs, Space Center Houston offers a diverse collection of winter camps perfect for ages 4-11.

  • Astronaut Training II – Find out how astronauts train for a mission. Discover the physical health requirements for astronauts and tackle the “Advanced Astronaut Training” obstacle course designed especially for older cadets. Conduct experiments, practice flying and land a space shuttle.
  • Facing Mars! – Discover what the red planet is all about. Campers will learn what it takes to land a rover and investigate the science and engineering needed to plan and execute a mission to Mars.
  • Rocket Combustion – Learn how rocket engines work and see real explosions. Explore the science behind rocket propulsion and discover how NASA is testing various systems for future space vehicles. Campers will build and take home their own spaceship.
  • Invention Dimension – Step into a world of limitless imagination and discover the stories behind famous inventions. Learn about the many NASA inventions we use every day. This camp will spark creatively as they design their own inventions.
  • Science Fiction Meets Space Realities II – Explore how lasers work and try to survive a laser battle. Days will be filled with discovery and learning about the mysteries behind the force of magnets. Campers will learn about starships and speeders of the past and apply their knowledge to build their own working hovercrafts.
  • Robot Ruckus – Power up and enter the world of robots. Campers will discover how NASA uses robots to help explore the solar system. Build a robotic rover and even enjoy a little robot-style dancing.

Make it your mission to accomplish all top five Cosmic Spring experiences.

  1. Journey To Space:” Watch a film about the exciting work happening at NASA in the newly updated Space Center Theater. With stunning 4K ultra-high definition, new audio and an all-new giant screen, the film tells the story of historic space explorations and future missions to land astronauts on Mars. Learn about the future spacesuit design, the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) that will allow astronauts to explore deep space.
  2. Meet an Astronaut: See a real space pioneer and hear stories about their space adventures every Friday with extra engagements March 14-18 and March 24. See astronauts Clay Anderson, Ken Cameron, Leroy Chiao, Mike McCulley, Brain Duffy, Mike Foreman and Mark Polansky. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear what it takes to become an astronaut and hear fascinating stories from brave men who spent time in space.
  3. NASA Tram Tour: Go behind-the-scenes to see history in the making at NASA Johnson Space Center. The NASA Tram Tour is expanded for Cosmic Spring and takes visitors to see the state-of-the-art astronaut training facilities; the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, where astronauts train for spacewalks in the zero-gravity pool; Historic Mission Control, a national historic landmark where NASA monitored missions to the moon; and Rocket Park, where the enormous Saturn V Rocket is housed.
  4. Going Places – the Technology of Transport, presented by the city of Webster now through May 1: Discover the technology that transforms how we live in Space Center Houston’s interactive spring exhibit. The North American premiere, Going Places, designed and produced by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, is an interactive science exhibit that explores the technology developed for travel. With hands-on displays, visitors will fly an airplane, ride a hovercraft or race a friend on a recumbent bicycle.
  5. Independence Plaza presented by Boeing: The new exhibit brings the 30-year Space Shuttle Program to life with interactive exhibits and an up-close look at many NASA artifacts – all inside a full shuttle replica mounted on top of the original shuttle carrier aircraft. Stand inside the giant plane, walk inside the shuttle and see astronaut living quarters.


Camps are $55 per day and Space Center Houston members, NASA employees and NASA-badged contractors receive a 10 percent discount off registration year-round. Others can learn about discount offers by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Facebook or Twitter. Become a Space Center Houston Member for as little as $26.95 and help the museum preserve its artifacts and provide educational programs to disadvantaged youth. Return free as often as you like during the year with free parking, special events and much more. Register today before camps fill up. To register, visit or call (281) 283-4755.

The next landmark event at Space Center Houston is the Jan. 23 opening of Independence Plaza, a multi-exhibit complex featuring a full-scale shuttle replica on top of the original shuttle carrier aircraft. The eight-story-tall complex will open as the only exhibit of its kind in the world with educational displays focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  For more information about Space Center Houston, visit

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The Manned Space Flight Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit space museum with an extensive science education program. The cornerstone of its science education mission is Space Center Houston, which USA Today called “The Big Draw” in the greater Houston area with more than 800,000 visitors annually and a $45 million economic impact on the greater Houston area. Space Center Houston is Houston’s first and only Smithsonian Affiliate and the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center.  The center draws more than 100,000 teachers and students annually from around the world. For more information, go to

SOURCE: Manned Space Flight Education Foundation

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