Our Donors

“Our donors are our greatest champions for inspiring the next generation.  You give us the encouragement and the means to lift young minds to new heights.  Thank you.”

 – Richard E. Allen Jr.
President of the Board, Manned Space Flight Education Foundation
CEO, Space Center Houston

Our donors have helped open the world of space exploration to more than 17 million visitors to Space Center Houston since the facility’s opening.

A number of companies and individuals recognize the great educational opportunities Space Center Houston provides, and they support our efforts through their generous donations. We thank our donors who make possible many of the exciting learning opportunities, attractions and exhibits found at Space Center Houston.

There are several ways to support Space Center Houston through giving. Donors can contribute money, time (volunteering), resources and services. Financial donations are tax deductible.

Donors receive special recognition and promotional opportunities plus exclusive benefits for themselves, their employees and clients. From complimentary admission and discounts in the gift show, to facility usage and VIP tours, there are great benefits for our donors.

Contribution levels are based on total cumulative cash contributions per calendar year. The variety of benefits available at various levels of support include the Galactic, Interstellar, Mars, Lunar, Orbital and Launch levels.

Donate online or send a check for your fully deductible contribution to Manned Space Flight Education Foundation, Development Department, 1601 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX  77058. Your unrestricted gift supports our pursuit of excellence in education and historical preservation.

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