Independence Plaza Donors

The shuttle era made some of the greatest achievements in space exploration. Now, the original shuttle carrier aircraft that flew the most missions – and one of only two SCAs that ever existed – is at Space Center Houston with the full-scale high-fidelity shuttle replica Independence mounted on top in the classic carrier position.

When completed, this educational exhibit will be an international landmark, the only one of its kind. Visitors will be able to enter both aircraft and walk where heroes walked, touch what heroes touched and to experience this groundbreaking era of space exploration through educational exhibits.

You can be a part in helping this amazing exhibit come to life.

We still need to raise $2.2 million in our $12 million capital campaign called Bring the Legacy Home. Please join our many generous donors in honoring the remarkable story of the shuttle program but even more importantly, inspiring the next generation of explorers to forge their own way in this amazing universe.

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