Mars Habitat Design

The Mars Habitat Design Challenge is for youth ages 10 and younger. With NASA’s plans for a human mission to Mars in the 2030s, will humans be multi-planet dwellers in the not-so-distant future? Mars’ extreme weather conditions, high radiation levels, lack of oxygen and frequent dust storms require special consideration when planning a sustainable community. With these factors in mind, participants will be asked to design a Mars base that can withstand the elements and be as comfortable as any home on Earth.

Challenge: Design a Mars base using craft materials.

  • The goal of this contest is to inspire future space explorers and encourage the next generation of scientist to begin examining multi-planet dwelling by designing a habitat and/or Mars base.
  • Include your full name, telephone number, email address and age with your entry.
  • To enter, bring your design to Space Center Houston on Oct. 8. Your design should include areas for the astronauts to live, sleep, eat, care for themselves and work.
  • Entries will be judged based on the creativity and feasibility of the design.
  • Entries must be the original work of the contestant.
  • Winners will be announced on Oct. 8.
  • Winners will receive the following prizes:
    • First place: Complimentary admission to a future Space Center Houston day camp.
    • Second place: Space Center Houston T-shirt.
    • Third place: Astronaut ice cream.

Deadline for entry: 12:30 p.m. CST Oct. 8

Judging: A panel of judges will determine the winner.

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