Astronaut Audio Tour

Get the most out of your visit with the new Astronaut Audio Tour

Walk the halls of Space Center Houston with a host of experts at your side. Let the women and men who have explored space first-hand guide you through the exciting history and the sparkling future of exploration.

You can upgrade your experience at Space Center Houston with the newly updated Astronaut Audio Tour. This all-new audio guide features an interactive display that takes you through all the wonders of Space Center Houston.

Let astronauts from the past and present take you through the trials and tribulations of space exploration. Find out all the center has to offer by winding through Starship Gallery and touching a moon rock.

The audio guide has a new children’s tour with colorful illustrations to help youngsters learn about the museum’s out-of-this world collection and interactive activities. Children can play a fun quiz game as they tour the museum and see what type of explorer they might become.

Don’t miss the interactive games, videos and the wealth of information that tell the evolution of human space exploration.

You’ve never seen Space Center Houston until you’ve listened to this Astronaut Audio Guide.

Purchase the Astronaut Audio Guide online or visit the information desk. The audio tour is available in English and Spanish.

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