Fall Exhibit: Astronaut

Your journey begins on Earth Oct. 1

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There is no other job where you can find yourself as far above the Earth as that of an astronaut. From the moon landings to the journey to Mars, astronauts have become synonymous with adventure, exploration and courageous endeavors.

Astronaut, presented by the City of Webster, makes its North American premiere Oct. 1 and offers 26 immersive experiences in which visitors will investigate what it takes to be a space explorer. Guests will test the physical and psychological effects of living in microgravity and explore technology used in space missions.

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions and designed and produced by Scitech of Perth, Australia, Astronaut gives you the opportunity to find out what it would be like to eat, sleep, shower and live in space.

Divided into three areas, Astronaut gives visitors the opportunity to take on the role of an astronaut to solve problems, accurately perform tasks and overcome challenges. Can you simultaneously communicate with mission control while landing a capsule and monitoring damage to your spacecraft to ensure the safety of your crew? Astronaut gives you a chance to find out!

Prepare to be captivated and surprised by this absorbing study into the importance of science in space and the future of space exploration. Children, parents and students will have fun while learning about space exploration and themselves.

You won’t want to miss this must-do exhibit when it arrives on Oct. 1 only at Space Center Houston.

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